A New Twist on Entitlement

I have a new idea about entitlement. Rather than being composed of welfare queens and elderly disabled people, I believe the entitlement community is composed of people who wish to hold political office without having anything to contribute.

This entitlement class goes across the political spectrum. From Anthony Weiner, who wanted only to wave his apparatus at us, to the myriad of true Christians, who wanted to have the prerogative to cheat on their spouses, to every politician who has ever accepted money from a PAC or a 527 organization, the political class is the entitlement class. They live on other people’s money that they don’t earn.

In 2008, Barack Obama thought he was entitled to be president even though he had only been a Senator for two years. In the past four years, he’s gotten something of a comeuppance, or a baptism by fire. Now Mitt Romney thinks he is entitled to be president because he has been in business and made money.

He has nothing he wants to do for the country. He only wants to know what the country can do for him. For openers, it can lower taxes further on him and his cronies, allowing them to keep more of their borrowed money. Mind you, they didn’t EARN their money. They borrowed their money from someone else, and invested the borrowed money. If the borrowed money increased in value, they gave the lender a return. If not, well, “business is business.”

Then the country can go to war, sacrificing its young so the military-industrial complex can make more money selling war machines to the government.

This sort of “wealth creation” turns the act of wealth creation into an evil that sacrifices everything in its path – jobs, human beings, and the environment to name a few. It’s as destructive of the American economy as the unchecked growth of Medicare.

I’m not sure why nobody asks Romney why he wants to be president. I think it’s only because, having already amassed enough money in the Cayman Islands to have a car elevator, the presidency is the last thing left to buy.

This country sadly needs a self-sacrificing leader – someone willing to go to the mat for more than himself. It needs a Gandhi, or a George Washington, or even a drunken Churchill. Just someone, anyone, with a vision larger than the further aggrandizement of himself.


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